Gold Post-Production Package

The Gold Post-Production Package is designed for those podcasters that want a quality, consistent podcast but would rather focus on recording great content, then messing with post-production and show notes (two time-intensive tasks). With the Gold Production Package, we do everything included in the Bronze and Silver package, PLUS we write QUALITY show notes!

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Please Choose the length of the episode and any extras!

*The pricing is based on the length of your raw recording (before editing and enhancing). Choose the time that is nearest to the length of segment of your recording that needs to be edited or enhanced. 

The Gold Post-Production Package Includes the following:

  • Noise Reduction (if needed) 
  • Dynamics Processing
  • EQ- if needed
  • Intro music mixing
  • Outro music mixing
  • Voice Leveling
  • Loudness Matching ( To industry norm of 16 LUFS)
  • Breath reduction or elimination
  • Mouth noise reduction
  • Manual edits to specifications
  • Manually reduce umms and ahhs
  • Manually edit out screw ups/false starts
  • ID3 Tagging (tag info must be provided)
  • Show Notes- Up to 300 Words.
  • Entire episode mixed down to MP3 format
  • Completed Episode in MP3 Format uploaded to Dropbox or Google Drive.