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Skype Call recorders:

For PC Users: Evaer


Mics for Monologues or Online Interviews




Rode Podcaster USB Dynamic Microphone

Cost ≈ $229

  • The Rode Podcaster mic is a great option and it holds a special place in my heart since it was the very first mic I every bought! It turned out to be an excellent choice because of all the USB mic's I've tried throughout the years, for the price, this is still at the top of the list.

Mic for both Online and In-Person Interviews

Optional accessories:

Cost ≈ $80

I love this mic because it is both affordable and very versatile! If you want to record a quick monologue or online interview you can plug it into your computer via USB. If you want to conduct an in-person interview just get another ATR2100 and use the XLR port to record your interview into an external recorder. What kind of external recorder you ask? That's next!

External Recorder

Buying a mixer, interface, and all the wires and manuals that come with it is so 2013. But seriously, in my opinion most podcasters don't need to buy those anymore. Among a litany of features, this portable recorder has 4 XLR inputs and a screen so you can monitor the input levels on all of them!  At around $350 it's pretty affordable when compared to a mixer/interface, and it's portability and ease of use really seals the deal for me. If you plan on doing in-person interviews, I highly recommend you purchase this. I will be producing a full review/tutorial on this recorder in the near future.

Cost ≈ $50

These are the headphones that I use. They are very affordable, durable and produce quality audio, especially for the cost. Feel free to choose another option, but I do recommend that you wear over-ear headphones during online interviews.