Level-Up Podcast Audit

The ultimate audit to take your podcast to the next level.

Level-Up Podcast Audit: $999

The “Level-Up Podcast Audit” is designed for podcasters that would like Tim and his team to review every aspect of their podcast and provide recommendations for bringing the podcast to the next level. You can purchase the audit here or schedule a free no-obligation consultation call with Tim to learn more!
Pre-Audit Consult
Initial Review

If you haven’t already scheduled a free consultation we will begin with a call to learn about your podcast before starting “Stage One” of the Audit. The goal of this call is to learn about the podcast as it is today and your goals for the podcast. Many podcasts that come to us do not have a formal strategy for many of the topics we will discuss and that’s OK! Some of the topics we will discuss include:

  • Podcast Target Demographics
  • Current Marketing/Growth Strategy
  • Current Content Strategy
  • Current Monetization Strategy
  • Current Publishing Schedule
  • Current 30-day download #’s (per episode)
  • Recording Equipment & Software
  • Your Goals for the Podcast
In-Depth Audit
Technical Review
Content Review
Episode Content vs Target Demographic
Episode Format
Show Notes & HTML Linking
Episode Titling
Marketing/Promotion Review
Social Media
Website (if any)
Guest Sharing/Promotion
Episode Linking Process/Strategy
Monetization Review


Mid-Audit Call (LIVE)
During the “Mid-Audit Call” we will discuss current practices/processes and dig into the numbers. Some of the topics we discuss will include:
Episode Downloads by Topic Category
Listener Engagement #’s by Topic Category
Apple Podcast Connect Login Required
Guest Booking Process
Host’s Guest Appearance Strategy
Participating as a guest on other podcasts
Pre-Production Process
Post-Production Process


Audit Review - 1 HR
Audit Review Presentation
Improvement Recommendations & Action Items

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